Todd Hershey

SAGE For Personal Development

SAGE for personal development is a completely new process of self-discovery. It was designed with over 30 years of experience in personal development and derived from hundreds of years of materials in personal evolution. It was intended to take you deeper into who you are as an individual at a quicker rate than anything ever created before.

Due to the confidential nature of my work; I choose not to list the names of the people I work with or any of their testimonials. The site was created to inspire individuals and give forth information. It was not designed to be a platform for marketing and advertising. I have included a small list of the companies that have brought me in to work with them and mostly their premier/exclusive clients, they include:
Mandarin Oriental Group, Johnson & Johnson, AIG, Miraval resort, We Care Resort and Spa,Caesar's Palace, Various Auberges Resorts