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Monday, November 13


Todd is a labyrinth of wisdom that reassures my intuition and makes me calm in hectic states.
-- Kirstin Dunst

"Todd Hershey's insight into people, situations and events has proven an invaluable resource when I have faced important decision points in my professional and personal life, and has helped me make sense of circumstances that seemed on the surface fraught with conflicting data points. Todd delivers his readings with total candor (be ready!), as well as with a generous dose of humor and practical advice. For anyone in need of a metaphysical compass to help navigate life's sometimes choppy waters, I cannot recommend Todd highly enough."
--Paula E

"Todd Hershey's uncanny ability to see inside the soul and bring to light the naked unspoken truth is both daunting and euphoric. Consult only if you really want to know. "
- shari mycek

Hi Todd,

"Todd you gave me a reading when I stayed at the We Care Retreat back in Jan. 2007. I was in the middle of a brutal divorce in the Boston area. When I walked in the room, you stopped me and asked if I wanted to hear everything, even the bad. I said yes and you told me straight out my husband was dying. I was shocked and asked you what I should do as we were not speaking. You said it didn't matter, he only had a few months left. My lawyer was thrilled with the news however one of my friends felt my husband should be told. She arranged to meet him and told him that he should see a doctor right away. I don't know if he ever did. A year went by and I forgot about your words. I decided to move to Florida. While visiting a friend in the same town of Florida where I had lived with my first husband in the 90's, I decided to look him up. I googled his name and his obituary popped up. He died in March 2007. Three months after your reading. He had always insisted we were soul mates. Thought you would want to know."
All my best.

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Anonymous Maggie said...

I recently had a reading with Todd, I was very pleased with his insight and psychic instincts. I had a great experience and strongly recomend Todd's skills to anyone. Thanks Todd for your help and guidance.

8:12 PM  
Anonymous Donna Mete said...

Thank you for a great one hour reading. I think you're an amazing man and truly enjoy our conversations and the fact that you are so honest and candid! It means a lot to me and it's one of the reasons i keep coming back.

8:38 PM  
Anonymous Cecilia Chancellor said...

I've had many readings from Todd in recent, somewhat troubled, years. He is extremely insightful and I have never had a reading from him that has not been helpful in some way.He has a wonderful way with words which can be very funny and is always straight to the point- which I really enjoy and appreciate. Thanks Todd, no doubt I'll be in touch soon,

11:05 AM  
Anonymous Denise said...

Todd's forte as a truly talented psychic is his ability to get to the root of things. If you're willing to go there, than this is your man.

With thanks,

3:52 PM  

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