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Thursday, June 1


Getting the Most Out Of Your Reading

As a reader I have heard all kinds of questions throughout my career. But there is one question most people never think to ask. That question is, "how can I get the most out of my reading". The answer is really quite simple; the secret is in the way you ask your questions. As a reader my job is to give you the information that you are seeking. For some people that means asking a direct question and for others that means asking a cover question and still there are others who just say tell me what you see. When people are direct with me I can be direct back with them. When people ask me a cover question they are usually too embarrassed or have too much anxiety around the subject. For example they might ask, "Tell me about my relationship". The question underneath is, "I've been married for 22 years my kids are grown should I still be with this person". As a reader I have no judgments on your questions. Believe me there are many people that came before you and asked questions they also felt uncomfortable with. And finally there are the people who say tell me what you see. This question usually breaks down into one of two categories. First, I don't know if you can do this so I'll be testing you. This is not the best idea considering how much money you're spending for a reading. Second asking what the reader sees is a wonderful way to wind up the reading. This gives the reader the opportunity to give you information that can be pertinent to your situation. Below are a couple of examples of how readings can be shaped and how you can ask a better question.

1. Good Question: Tell me about my relationship.
2. Better Question: how do I get the relationship I've always wanted with the person I'm with?
3. Very Good Question: What are the strengths and weaknesses within my relationship and what are the outside factors that affect it and what can I do as an individual to make my relationship the best it can be.

1. Good Question: tell me about a person who passed away.
2. Better Question: how do I create contact with a person that has passed away?
3. Very Good Question: help me create a connection with a person that has passed away so that I can connect with them to receive the wisdom and understanding I need to move forward in my life.
*most people that are passed over are in a far better place than we are. Asking what you can do to help them will not be as effective in the healing/grieving process as asking what they can do to help you.

1. Good Question: what should I do about my work?
2. Better Question: what would make me happy and successful around my work?
3. Very Good Question: as a person who has unique and individual talent how can I share these talents and create a life of fulfillment through an expression of my unique abilities.

As you can see each question gets a little bit more in depth. With each more in-depth question you’re not giving any information away to the reader. You’re only clarifying what you're looking to find. Remember, it is the job of the reader to serve you and not tell you the difference between good and bad and right and wrong. You are an adult you should know that by now. Since everyone is different it follows that the things that people would want to know would also be different. So please note that this information is there for you. This information does not come from the reader; it only comes through the reader. What you do with the information that you receive is in the end what is truly most important. As always if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


Transformational Pyramid
Here is a small amount of what we are dealing with when it comes to working with energy/readings and how energy flows. It is intended for a more advanced student, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me by clicking the contact link above.

The first line deals with the idea of being. That which is. The second line asks us to look at everything in duality. Thus we decide the reality that we choose and what we choose to bring forth. Which leads to a tricky question of right and wrong. The third line deals with the idea of motion. Where we are going and how we are going to be getting there. The fourth line deals with the idea of balance. That balance is key for doing this or any kind of work. It states that one part of life is not any more important than another. By using a distilled version of each of the above lines(plus one more not shown here) I have come up with the following affirmation for change towards what I believe is positive. Please feel free to make changes to your affirmation to better suit your needs.
The affirmation I have created based on this is:

I am a creation of love and light reborn in a higher energy.
  1. (I am) The infinite beginning and the infinite end; being energy.
  2. (a Creation)The infinite positive and the infinite negative; is being.
  3. (of Love) The infinite caring and infinite release; being love.
  4. (and light) The infinite knowledge and the infinite dark; being understanding
  5. (reborn in a higher energy) The infinite Change and the infinite constant; being the universe.
With each one of these five lines you can invoke a pathway in one of two directions. Giving you a total of 10 directions in which you can go.

If you have any knowledge on breath work, visualization, listening and intention it would be helpful for you to include these elements into your affirmations/meditations.

Below is the completed pathway that energy would flow during a reading. The diagram is the backbone of how I believe readings are done. The energy flows from top to bottom and up again, left to right and right to left and finally in a circular fashion.

Shadow side/Light side

Intention / Action / Outcome

Physical / Emotional / Mental / Spiritual

Energy / Creation / Positive / Negative /Rebirth

Finally here is a fuller definition of the affirmation. Again please feel free to make changes to suit your individual needs.

I am

That which is not yet known and connected to everything that is.

My desire moves me to a new place that I am already a part of.

So that I might touch, feel and to know my true self.

As this, I am a creation of love and light that is reborn in a higher energy.

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