Todd Hershey

Instructional Videos

01-Nov-2019 Nov 1 2019 Your unique energy and how that works.

We look at what makes you special.....

08-Nov-2019 Nov 10 2019 Tools to figure out your purpose.

Sage info and how to use it to find love, create the best career and the purpose of your life and more. http:..

08-Nov-2019 Nov 11 2019 Past Present and Future explained

Releasing the need for approval and control to be different to be more creative and amazing!

08-Nov-2019 Nov 12 2019 How to overcome defeat...

Learning from mistakes and how not to make them again. www.toddhershey

08-Nov-2019 Nov 13 2019 Making your heart sing!

Personal story of change and transformations. Finding your strengths. http://www.toddhe..

01-Nov-2019 Nov 2 2019 Steps to help you be different

Meditation and visualization steps for peace and well being for you health, relationships, work and life purpose...

01-Nov-2019 Nov 3 2019 Changing the hard stuff

What new and different things you can do to step out of pain with weight, romance, career and why you are here...

01-Nov-2019 Nov 4 2019 Belief system and how it is effecting you.

Looking at how we act and why we are acting like that. Exercise to help you let go of the things that are holding you ba..

02-Nov-2019 Nov 5 2019 The people in your life

Who is in your life and are they good for you? Looking out for the good the bad and horribly dysfunctional...

02-Nov-2019 Nov 6 2019 How I got started in all of this...

The things that we think are a mistake can be a true blessing! Finding purpose in the most interesting places...

Due to the confidential nature of my work; I choose not to list the names of the people I work with or any of their testimonials. The site was created to inspire individuals and give forth information. It was not designed to be a platform for marketing and advertising. I have included a small list of the companies that have brought me in to work with them and mostly their premier/exclusive clients, they include:
Mandarin Oriental Group, Johnson & Johnson, AIG, Miraval resort, We Care Resort and Spa,Caesar's Palace, Various Auberges Resorts