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SAGE is designed to facilitate self-awareness and help individuals become more effective. You can receive more in life, relationships, and work by clearing away blocks that interfere with authenticity, productivity, and growth.

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Sage Intro Session/s pricing

A SAGE intro consists of a 30 min to one-hour sessions via Skype or FaceTime to assist individuals seeking a more fulfilling experience and greater impact, personally and professionally.

SAGE clarifies one’s current life patterns and reveals one’s future possibilities. It is through greater self-awareness and a clearer vision of opportunities, we open to greater successes personally and professionally.

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Sage Introduction
Due to the confidential nature of my work; I choose not to list the names of the people I work with or any of their testimonials. The site was created to inspire individuals and give forth information. It was not designed to be a platform for marketing and advertising. I have included a small list of the companies that have brought me in to work with them and mostly their premier/exclusive clients, they include:
Mandarin Oriental Group, Johnson & Johnson, AIG, Miraval resort, We Care Resort and Spa,Caesar's Palace, Various Auberges Resorts