Todd Hershey

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02-Nov-2019 Nov 7 2019 What makes you special, the SAGE diagnostic

Sage diagnostic to see who you are. Here is the link for a FREE 3 question demo.

08-Nov-2019 Nov 8 2019 Energy in your life

Secrets to doing readings through energy work. Dealing with disruption

08-Nov-2019 Nov 9 2019 How to go from negative energy to positive energy.

Positive energy and find it, make it and be in it!

31-Oct-2019 Sage Intro

Intro into how you can turn lead into gold, sadness to happiness and transcend your situation!..

05-Dec-2015 Welcome video

Welcome video!..

Due to the confidential nature of my work; I choose not to list the names of the people I work with or any of their testimonials. The site was created to inspire individuals and give forth information. It was not designed to be a platform for marketing and advertising. I have included a small list of the companies that have brought me in to work with them and mostly their premier/exclusive clients, they include:
Mandarin Oriental Group, Johnson & Johnson, AIG, Miraval resort, We Care Resort and Spa,Caesar's Palace, Various Auberges Resorts